Hot kneading machine.

The hot kneading machine is a suitable for any type of dough or sauce which in turn requires a rapid and uniform cooking, may, however, work in cold.

These machines are suitable for mass work rostisserías, restaurants, hotels, ice cream parlors, bakeries. schools, hospitals, and other communities.

Utilities Examples: Pasta for nuggets, cream sauce, sauces in general, pastry cream, chocolate dilute, jams. syrups ...


  • bigamasadoras
  • Technical Specifications Hot Kneading Machine:

    - Control of temperature at grade C º.

    - Control of safety.

    - Program mixing hot and cold.

    - Program only cooking.

    - Hinged cover.

    - Removable blades.

    - Easy to clean.

  • 25 and 50 Liters

    Stainless steel pot triple body: cooking, heating and insulation.

    With three positions dump: Work. cleaning and emptying.

    Heating through electrical heating elements of stainless steel, dipped in hot oil, achieving a uniform and consistent cooking.

    Stripping shovel stainless steel with Teflon scrapers to prevent product from sticking to the pot and removable for easy cleaning.

    Full scorecard consisting of switch, temperature control thermostat, timer with audible end of cycle, pilot operation and emergency shutdown