Croquettes and meatballs machine.Specialized in manufacturing packing machines croquettes and meatball. After 20 years of experience, we present to the market our new model: CRQ 75N.

Based on our philosophy of contributing to our customers, providing them with engineering, technology and design to facilitate work and make this a profitable business, we have achieved with this new model the versatility to provide high production capacity, simple operation and easy cleaning, and a wide range of options tailored to the needs of your business.

The free choice of the dosage size patties and meatballs, the automatic dispensing of egg and bread crumbs and a simple system programming and commissioning of this machine are essential ally in kitchens, barbecues, catering services, retail catering, delis and butchers. Without doubt, the smartest investment for improving your business.


  • Technical Specifications CRQ-75N Series:

    - Dosing egg and breadcrumbs.plano75-crq

    - 220V single phase motor.

    - Motor of 0.3 HP 50 Hz / 60 Hz.

    - With forced ventilation peripheral.

    - Estimated production:

    100/130 Kg. hour meatballs.

    70/100 Kg. hour croquettes.

    Croquettes and meatballs machine ready to be adapted to industrial fillers and air.

    CRQ-75N FILL
    Croquettes and meatballs machine with filler built and ready to be adapted to air equipment.

    CRQ-75N AIR
    Croquettes and meatballs machine with air compressor and ready to be adapted to industrial filler.

    CRQ-75N PLUS
    Croquettes and meatballs machine with completely autonomous system. It incorporates the filler and the air compressor.